Advanced Automation Technology with integrated Process Know-how for Coil Processing Lines.

With your decision for b+s AUTOMATION you decide on comprehensive process know-how, decades of experience and highest competence in the automation of coil processing lines. As a member of the b+s group, b+s AUTOMATION optimizes your coil processing line through a holistic approach. As a full-line supplier of mechanics process know-how, electrics and automation technology, we offer you a tailor-made and process-optimizing solution. b+s AUTOMATION equips both your new line and equally understands itself as a specialist for the modernization of your existing lines. We work locally within Germany and Europe as well as globally anywhere in the world.

Maximale Performance

Unsere Automatisierungslösungen wurden speziell für Bandanlagen entwickelt und sind somit perfekt auf Ihre Anforderungen zugeschnitten.
Bei der individuellen Auslegung verfolgen wir stets einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz. Ausgehend von Ihrem Anlagenprozess – denn darauf kommt es an – betrachten wir mit all unserem KnowHow die Mechanik, die Elektrik und die
Automatisierungstechnik. So profitieren Sie von einer maximalen Performance Ihrer Bandanlagen – hunderte Referenzen sind Ausdruck unserer Leistungsfähigkeit.

Top Quality with Maximum Service Life

Over the past decades, our automation technology has constantly improved. The focus has always been on the closest product tolerances and top qualities for your competitive advantage. In addition, we always make sure that our automation and controls only challenge your equipment to the extent required by your production. This protects your line and extends its service life.

Safety & Partnership

A detailed analysis of your line processes forms the basis for our process-oriented safety technology and for an intuitive operating concept. This contributes significantly to the safety of your employees and also increases the efficiency and productivity of your line. In the event of a problem, we are always there for you via remote assistance. We also believe and trust in long-term partnerships and would like to support you in the continuous optimization of your processes and your coil processing lines.


Machines and systems for cutting and straightening thin and sensitive metal strips.


Our straightening machines and strip feeding systems are designed according to customer requirements.